Document Scanning and Digitization

Document Scanning and Digitization

Maximize HR workflows and achieve your digital transformation goals with our state-of-the-art HR document and records digitization services. For more than two decades, we have been leading the industry in document scanning and processing with a laser-focus on key areas like high-speed, high-volume, high-capacity, and high-resolution. Our extensive industry experience, robust infrastructure, and global footprint help businesses across multiple industries boost the profitability and TATs of their HR functions and mitigate harmful risks. Over the years, our digitizing services have been able to consistently convert hundreds of millions of small and large format HR documents into instantly accessible digital records.


    EHRS Document Scanning and Digitization solutions utilize precision performance tools and innovative technology to deliver superior output, quality assurance monitoring, error recovery, and auto-color save. We are proud of achieving some of the best numbers in the business:

    • Up to 640 PPM/1150 DPM high-speed scanning
    • 1000+ item auto-feed capacity
    • Optical resolutions up to 600 DPI
    • Multiple inline recognition technologies
    • Up to 51 total pockets

    Our state-of-the-art scanning solutions are fully custom-configurable for your needs. Our team works with you to strengthen your HR ecosystem based on your specifications for speed, capacity, application, etc.


    Our solutions can be configured effortlessly to “scan-to-document” and process a full array of HR forms and documents, including NDAs, policy documents, onboarding forms, staffing plans, employee records, and more.


    Our technology is developed and maintained exclusively by us. Technical and other support is available 24/7/365 through our dedicated call centers, both instant and scheduled support are also available.


    With more than 40 years in the scanning and processing business, we offer unrivaled experience and expertise to HR professionals.


    Our document digitization systems can capture numerous data types with a high degree of confidence. Extracted data can then be automatically indexed and transferred into the client’s secure content management system so that it can be easily searched and accessed.


    Our Quality Management System covers both quality assurance (strategy) and quality control (method). We maintain the integrity of all data through periodic random samplings, checks for document digitization quality and accuracy, verification of data, and exception flagging.


    Our offsite data and document processing facilities employ strict security best practices, including facility access controls, source-material handling restrictions, and network encryption to protect physical and digitally scanned records.

Use Case:


Our data capture services use highly sophisticated, AI-based technologies like Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), and Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) to read and convert machine-created text, handwriting, document forms, and barcodes in both, PDF 417 and Code 39 formats, so that it can be tagged, searched, displayed online, translated, and manipulated seamlessly without any hindrances.

We also repair low-confidence or damaged data that may have been poorly or incorrectly captured in digital formats from older scans and validate those repairs with edit checks.

Because of this strong technological infrastructure that’s in place, businesses who work with us have been able to completely shift their HR presence from paper to digital in a matter of weeks. Important employee documents like employee records, certificates, experience letters, resumes, NDAs, medical reports, and banking documents can be stored and accessed effortlessly. Other important documents like memorandums, incorporation documents, business licenses and permits, federal tax documents, trademark/copyright/patent documents, client registration and verification documents, etc. can be safely accessed without any risk of misplacement or theft.

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