12 Innovative Strategies for Sustained Employee Engagement

Exploring employee engagement – its definition, measurement, and enhancement – has captured significant interest in the last two decades. This attention has surged alongside the entry of fresh generations into the job market, all in pursuit of novel prospects and career progression. Despite an ongoing lack of precise illustration, a unanimous agreement exists that employee engagement fundamentally merges an individual's emotional affinity with their tasks and dedication to fulfilling their role.

Executives are often deeply concerned with the issue of employee engagement, which has become a crucial focus for every organization due to its clear advantages. Despite its significance, numerous organizations face challenges in effectively addressing this aspect.

  • Loyalty is on the decline: A significant 43% of employees express willingness to depart from their current organizations in exchange for a mere 10% salary increase.
  • Employees are being deprived of the acknowledgment they merit: Merely one-third of individuals received commendation during their instances of going the extra mile at work, and merely a quarter perceive a strong sense of value within their workplace.
  • A majority of workplace cultures are uninspiring: With less than one-third of workers expressing confidence in their company's robust culture, there's much room for improvement.

These findings might trigger concerns and apprehensions. It's incumbent on managers to not only oversee our employees' productivity but also to safeguard their emotional well-being.

The moment has arrived to prioritize employee engagement and well-being. Whether you're a manager searching for motivation or an individual contributor grappling to maintain inspiration, presented below are twelve potent methods to foster and uphold employee engagement.

Innovative Strategies for Sustained Employee Engagement 

  • Create Positive Employee Experiences

    Generating favorable employee experiences involves:

    • Ensuring that the tasks they perform hold personal significance.
    • Fostering a sense of confidence between the workforce and the management.
    • Establishing effective channels of communication.
    • Incorporating social incentive systems.

    By taking these steps, organizations can cultivate sustained employee commitment and a profound emotional engagement with the enterprise.

  • Keep staff emotionally connected to the mission

    The most effective approach to upholding strong morale involves establishing a distinct mission that resonates with employees on an emotional level. Additionally, it is significant to consistently highlight how their collective efforts contribute to this mission, as evidenced by the successful narratives they craft for customers. This emotional resonance facilitates intrinsic motivation, enabling employees to persevere during demanding tasks or when confronted with company-wide challenges.

  • Recognize employees' contributions and accomplishments

    To maintain high spirits and active participation, promptly acknowledging staff members' efforts and achievements is crucial. Implementing ongoing acknowledgment through consistent feedback and performance-related incentives provides workers with a transparent grasp of their career advancement. This approach also instils a sense of appreciation for their dedication and output, fostering sustained motivation and a year-round commitment to objectives.

  • Check on the well-being of your staff regularly

    Employee engagement can be maintained straightforwardly without requiring excessive effort. Recognize the most significant gaps in the well-being of your employees and address them appropriately. If you are still determining the initial steps, interpret it as a cue to re-establish connections. Evaluate workloads, fundamental human requirements, both physical and psychological security, and the overall health of your team. Initiate the process from there and prioritize actions that hold significance for them rather than focusing solely on your preferences.

  • Invest in employees' personal and professional growth

    Leaders must back the personal and professional advancement of their staff. This can be achieved by providing opportunities for accessing courses, participating in workshops, and receiving mentorship. This approach fosters a sense of appreciation and drive among employees, ultimately resulting in heightened engagement and contentment. Investing in employee growth contributes significantly to cultivating a favorable workplace atmosphere.

  • Invest in leadership development programs

    Leadership development initiatives have a dual focus: not solely centered on professional growth, they also extend their support to individuals' personal and career-related ambitions. Demonstrating your commitment to their overall advancement and welfare will result in heightened employee involvement and gratitude.

  • Offer flexibility in a 'new-normal' reality

    Sustaining employee involvement within the "new normal" framework necessitates primarily adopting flexibility as long as their responsibilities are being fulfilled. People may be open to trading a certain degree of compensation for the ability to spend time with their family in the afternoon. You will cultivate a committed and loyal workforce by offering adaptability alongside opportunities for personal growth and professional advancement.

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  • Allow employees to design their schedules and workspaces

    The adaptable work strategy within your organization maintains elevated levels of morale and involvement. Enabling each individual to personalize their work environment and timetable in manners that foster success consistently leads to individuals presenting their optimal professional capacities.

  • Offer ample PTO for a good work-life balance

    The swiftest route to employee disengagement and diminished morale arises from excessive workload and absence of acknowledgment. Initially, organizations ought to provide generous paid time off (PTO) to guarantee a harmonious equilibrium between work and personal life, enabling employees to rejuvenate themselves. Secondly, supervisors must accentuate the accomplishments of exceptional contributors, acknowledging their triumphs and affording colleagues the opportunity to commemorate them during team gatherings.

  • Utilize active leadership to engage employees

    Utilize proactive leadership techniques to involve staff members and enhance their enthusiasm consistently. By doing so, you will gain an understanding of the requirements of your employees while establishing accessible channels for discussions and information-sharing regarding regulations and advantages that contribute to improved welfare, team spirit, and work effectiveness. Applying active leadership alongside all-encompassing well-being choices demonstrates your genuine concern for your workforce, leading to increased employee engagement and elevated morale levels.

  • Organize monthly events and bi-weekly all-hands meetings

    The all-hands gatherings encompass updates about the company and acknowledgment of outstanding achievers who receive monetary incentives and are acknowledged in front of the entire organization. Some events may include activities like Skribbl, yoga, and rotational events, such as a stepping challenge, wellness bingo, literary groups, cooking contests, and more.

  • Celebrate anniversaries and host employee appreciation days

    Consistently acknowledging the achievements of team members is essential for maintaining elevated morale and robust engagement. It is recommended that leaders, at minimum every quarter, identify a notable contribution made by each team member and bring it to the forefront. Additionally, commemorating milestones such as work anniversaries and dedicated days for appreciating employees can also be beneficial.


In today's business landscape, where employee engagement fuels organizational success, these innovative strategies emerge as beacons of inspiration. By intertwining purpose with performance and fostering a culture of continuous growth, organizations can pave the way for sustained employee engagement.

Remember, the journey towards a more engaged workforce is not a destination but a voyage of constant adaptation, fuelled by these strategies that empower employees and the organization to thrive harmoniously. Embrace these approaches, tailor them to your unique context, and witness their transformational power in creating a workplace where engagement knows no bounds. Exela HR Solutions stays at the forefront when it comes to employee satisfaction. With our all-inclusive services and support, your organization can achieve the desired level of employee engagement and satisfaction that will foster productivity at the workplace. Speak with our experts at Exela HR Solutions today!

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