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Experience seamless staffing solutions for speedy workforce deployment and improved business flexibility.

Staff Augmentation, as an HR offering, refers to the strategic practice of supplementing your organization's workforce with external, pre-vetted resources for a defined period. This approach is designed to address long-term or temporary staffing needs efficiently.

Our services provide a flexible solution for your organization's hiring needs. By seamlessly integrating pre-screened professionals into your team, you can maintain workforce flexibility and focus on achieving your business goals. Whether it's bridging skill gaps, handling immediate personnel requirements, or facing challenges in internal hiring, we provide a versatile solution for your business to maintain workforce flexibility.

Staff Augmentation Staffing Lifecycle: Your Journey with Us

Sourcing and Selection: Unearth TalentJoining and Onboarding: Welcome AboardPayroll andStatutory: Seamless PaymentsContract Execution: Seal the DealData Collation: Organized InformationMandatory andRequired Training: Skill EnhancementExit Formalities: Closure with CareSalary Disperse/Settlements: Financial ResolutionsEmployee Grievance Handling: Open CommunicationBVG & Medical Checkup: Ensuring Well-beingStaff AugmentationStaffing LifecycleYour Journey with Us
Contract Execution: Seal the DealSourcing and Selection:Unearth TalentBVG & Medical Checkup: Ensuring Well-beingJoining and Onboarding: Welcome AboardPayroll & Statutory: Seamless PaymentsData Collation:Organized InformationMandatory & Required Training: Skill EnhancementExit Formalities:Closure with CareSalary Dispers /Settlements: Financial ResolutionsEmployee Grievance Handling: OpenCommunication

Why Choose Exela's Staffing Services?

Our Staff Augmentation Services offers a dynamic solution for short-term or long-term staffing needs that include:

Well-versed Resource Pool

Well-versed Resource Pool

Access to a pool of highly trained and pre-vetted professionals, ensuring quick access to top talent.

Efficient Process

Efficient Process

A streamlined process that begins with a thorough understanding of your staffing requirements, reducing recruitment lead times and associated costs.

Interview Selection

Interview Selection

Comprehensive candidate selection through interviews, leading to expedited project kick-offs for timely delivery.


What is staff augmentation, and how can it benefit our organization?

Staff augmentation involves hiring external talent for specific projects or roles. It offers flexibility, expertise, and scalability to meet your organization's workforce needs.

How does staff augmentation work for enterprises?

It involves identifying your project's staffing requirements and collaborating with a staffing agency to source and onboard the right professionals. These experts integrate seamlessly with your team, contributing their skills and knowledge to help you achieve your project goals.

Can Exela HR Solutions provide industry-specific staff augmentation services?

Yes, we offer staff augmentation solutions tailored to your industry's demands, ensuring you have access to the right skills when needed.

What are the various types of Staff Augmentation?

Staff Augmentation includes various models, such as temporary, contract, temp-to-hire, and long-term placements. These models cater to different project durations and help organizations achieve flexibility in their workforce management.

What types of roles or projects does staff augmentation cover?

Based on your organization's requirements, staff augmentation can cover various roles, including IT professionals, project managers, and industry-specific experts.

What measures does Exela HR Solutions take to ensure the quality of augmented staff?

We employ a rigorous selection process, including screening, testing, and interviews, to ensure that the augmented staff meets industry standards and your specific needs.