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Explore Exela’s HR Solutions for Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance Businesses.

Welcome to the world of Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) – where challenges are our daily bread, dynamics keep us on our toes, and the pace is, well, nothing short of a sprint. Even as you read this, tech is evolving, rules are changing, and markets are bouncing off walls. Staying ahead? Not a walk in the park.

Is your HR team still juggling the puzzle of hiring and onboarding in this fast-paced industry? What worked like magic a decade ago isn't working anymore?

Enter Exela, your HR ally. We don’t just offer HR services; we craft them, tailoring each stitch to fit the BFSI industry like a bespoke suit. From staffing and recruiting to payroll, travel, and expenses – we've got it covered.

Need a star player for a game-changing role? Consider it done. Want us to handle the nitty-gritty of payroll, benefits, and travel & expenses? We've got your back.

With Exela, your company isn’t just making it; it’s thriving. Elevate your potential with Exela HR Solutions - Your success, simplified.

Exela HR For BFSI

Exela HR


Strategic Solutions

Strategic Solutions:

Tailored HR strategies for sustainable growth and success.

Talent Optimization

Talent Optimization:

Constant skill evaluation to bridge knowledge gaps.

Swift Recruitment

Swift Recruitment:

Efficient processes for acquiring top-tier talent.

Customized Learning Programs

Customized Learning Programs:

Industry-specific programs for ongoing skill enhancement.

Rewarding Excellence

Rewarding Excellence:

Robust systems to recognize and reward outstanding contributions.


What are HR solutions for the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance sectors?

HR solutions for BFSI are tailored services designed to address the unique HR needs of the banking, financial services, and insurance industries, including talent acquisition, workforce management, and more.

What industry-specific challenges does EHRS address in the BFSI sector?

We tackle challenges like talent retention, compliance with financial regulations, workforce equality and diversity, and aligning HR practices with financial business strategies.

Which services benefit the BFSI sector the most?

Our HR services are built with the changing demands of the BFSI sector kept in mind. With decades of experience handling Recruitment, Payroll, and Compliance for businesses in the BFSI sector, we bring tailor-made Human Resource Solutions that do more than just keep you ahead of the competition.

How does Exela help with talent acquisition?

We provide a comprehensive suite of recruitment solutions that offer access to a pre-screened talent pool with industry-specific expertise, training and development, and content and benefits management that result not only in talent acquisition but also higher retention rates.

How do we address the changing workforce needs in the BFSI sector post-pandemic?

We provide flexible staffing options, training, and digital HR tools to adapt to evolving work dynamics and employee expectations in the BFSI sector.