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The healthcare industry is where providers are on a mission to enhance capabilities, embrace new approaches, and, above all, commit to the well-being of their patients.

In this fast-paced and competitive landscape, we're here to make your life easier. Picture this – streamlined organizations, faster hiring, meaningful staff rewards, and simplified administrative tasks. That's us, obsessing over every detail so you can focus on what really matters – healthcare.

Our solutions bring a whole range of expert HR services to the table – from RPO and Staff Augmentation to Payroll Processing and more.

Picture an efficient, patient-centric powerhouse where staff member gives their best. That’s how your healthcare organization will look like with the EHRS advantage.

Experience the future of healthcare HR with Exela - Where innovation meets healthcare excellence.

Exela HR for Healthcare

Exela HR

For Healthcare

Ongoing Medical Education

Ongoing Medical Education:

Tailored programs to ensure your healthcare staff stays updated and competitive.

Performance Enhancement

Performance Enhancement:

Reward and recognition systems that boost motivation and improve performance.

Organizational Efficiency

Organizational Efficiency:

Assessing and enhancing healthcare structures for optimal efficiency.

Swift Medical Recruitment

Swift Medical Recruitment:

Accelerated processes to secure top-tier medical professionals and enhance your team.

Advanced Benefits Management

Advanced Benefits Management:

A comprehensive system for managing compensation and benefits.


What compliance and regulatory challenges do HR solutions address in the Healthcare Industry?

HR solutions in healthcare address challenges related to healthcare regulations like HIPAA, data privacy, employee credentialing, and labor laws, ensuring compliance across the board.

How can we help with healthcare talent acquisition and retention?

EHRS offers streamlined recruitment processes, robust onboarding, and competitive benefits, promoting talent acquisition and enhancing staff retention in the healthcare sector.

What are the cost benefits of outsourcing HR services in the Healthcare Industry?

Outsourcing HR in healthcare can lead to cost savings by reducing administrative overhead, optimizing payroll processes, and improving workforce efficiency.

How does Exela provide tailor-made HR Solutions for the Healthcare industry?

We offer our healthcare clients custom solutions to fit their budget, company size, and unique HR needs. Our services include healthcare talent sourcing, staff augmentation, payroll management, and regulatory compliance specific to the exclusive needs of the healthcare sector.