HR entrepreneurs: Driving the change
September 26, 2022
By Pooja Patil

Entrepreneurs – Most probably the people who set up a business or take ahead the initiative to create a product or service in the hope of profit. But is that it? Do entrepreneurs only satisfy a…

Top HR Challenges in the Finance Sector
September 21, 2022
By Pooja Patil

In a world full of evolving innovations, ever-changing consumer expectations were already expecting the financial services industry to speed-up the process of digitalization – and then COVID-19…

Active vs passive candidates recruitment process outsourcing Exela HR Solutions blog.
September 16, 2022
By Sushil Ghorpade

Hiring managers and talent acquisition professionals put applicants into two distinct groups: active and passive. Both groups behave differently, and today, we will be learn their behaviors so…

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