How to Spot Great Talent?

Great talent is rare. But people who know how to spot great talent are even rarer. Why? Simply because of this age-old, unwritten paradox: “Game recognizes game.” It takes talent to spot talent. But, it’s not difficult at all. A slight change in perspective is all you’ll need to get started in the right direction.

This blog discusses how to cultivate this talent to spot great talent. Read on, and you just might find the next Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk!

  • Think different: It is a basic human tendency to get comfortable with people with similar tastes and worldviews – birds of a feather flock together. This often hinders the ability to spot great talent. More often than not, talented people are inherently different. In a way, them not allowing themselves to think conventionally sets them apart from everyone else.

    Hiring managers need to understand that progress comes from change, and change comes from people who think differently, people who challenge the status quo. This is why big and successful companies like Google and Facebook insist on diversity. The more diverse the background of people in a team, the more different each one thinks while attacking the same problem. This results in solutions that are extremely difficult to replicate or break.
  • Start building a robust network of talented individuals: Do this if you haven’t started already. Start creating different communities of engagement online. Allow them to know what your company does and display your work culture. We as humans have a natural tendency to inspect any new thing or place before we are sure that it is good for us. Online communities serve this exact purpose where talented people can come together and warm up to the idea of working for your company.

    While it is good for them, it’s great for your hiring managers too. With a tightly knit, highly engaged community of talented individuals, you always have a go-to place ready from where you can find the best talent for free whenever you have an opening in the future, without relying on incompetent sourcing strategies. Don’t start digging a well when you’re thirsty!
  • Look for the right traits: Most hiring managers focus too much on resumes and past experience. Although it might give some insight into how an individual performs, it is often a poor indicator of talent and individual thought process. For certain skill-based high-risk/high-pressure jobs like surgeons or pilots, it is 100% acceptable and required to factor in past experience as it is the only thing that counts.

    However, for most modern, sedentary jobs that mostly require a healthy mix of critical and lateral thinking, focusing on resumes and past experiences might not be an ideal judging process. Instead, focusing on specific foundational traits like learnability, emotional intelligence, drive, communication, collaboration, persuasion, public speaking, brevity, mental organization, resource management, and time management can be a far superior method of judging and locking in talented individuals. And with artificial intelligence on the rise, these irreplaceable and innately human foundational traits have a greater demand now more than ever while continuing to rise in the future.

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