Human Resource Outsourcing: The Key to Business Enrichment


Inclining towards more sustainable, transparent, and automated solutions for your businesses’ growth is a vital transformational switch to bridge the gap and restore agility in a changing market environment. Human resource outsourcing (HRO) is one such solution, enabling you to switch to a faster, smarter, and better approach to manage your finances, technology, and human resource management. In the tussle between strengthening your organization by getting involved in foundational processes and looking out for ways to bypass tedious organizational processes, technology-backed outsourcing services offer the perfect solution. Using such services, businesses can outsource some of their most peripheral yet crucial responsibilities to curb costs, increase productivity, and improve their workforce quality. The only challenge that then needs to be taken care of is aligning with the right outsourcing partner. 


  • Deliver quality services
  • Focus on future/long term plans
  • Save time, resources, and energy
  • High regulation and transparency
  • Better and affordable solutions to everyday problems
  • Expert advice and consultation
  • Increased efficiency
  • Error-free management 
  • Timely completion of tasks


The human resource department is the backbone of any (small-big, local-global) organization, providing essential services by fulfilling various heterogenous roles. However, many expanding and aspiring businesses tend to suffer due to inefficient, overburdened, or uncompetitive HR teams, slowing down their processes and overall growth. Technologically driven HR outsourcing solutions can help organizations streamline and routinize their repetitive administrative tasks, thereby boosting their business and allowing them to spend their time, energy, and resources on core processes. Moreover, HRO is the most convenient and flexible strategic tool, assisting organizations of various sizes in achieving their desired goals and outcomes in a hyper globalized world.   


Exela HR Solutions work like a support system from the outside yet as an extended part of your HR team, helping you ease out essential yet time-consuming formalities with the help of expert consultation and specialized services. Whether it is about the overburdening of your HR teams or lack or resources, Exela HR Solutions offers services designed to make your journey stress-free without compromising on quality and set standards. Exela understands your future goals, business standards, and work culture, allowing you to opt for customized services that are best suited for the smooth functioning and consistent growth of your business. We believe in inclusivity and respect diversity. Hence, regular feedback, equal and active participation, and active communication are key to a healthy and positive environment vital for enhanced performance and strategy initiatives. 


  • Exela HR Solutions offer a wide range of roles and services, including finance, legality, business, strategy, and technology.
  • Payroll administration (time and attendance, monthly payroll, taxation and TDS returns, compensation management.)
  • Recruitment outsourcing (recruitment support, background & reference checks, offers finalization, joining formalities, onboarding, separation management)
  • Workforce Administration (performance management, learning & development, employee record management, benefits management, incentive plan design, HRIS, global mobility, call center services)
  • Compliance (Filing of IT returns, license approvals, compliance management, contract labor management)


We drive you closer to your desired goals by fulfilling specific needs of your business/organization.