Negative Attitude in the workplace? Effective HR Solutions That Work!

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light does. Likewise, experienced HR service providers attest that negative attitudes cannot yield positive outcomes! Besides, behavior is contagious, be it positive or negative. The tentacles of negative attitude can grow and infect an entire team with negativity oozing into the whole office, jeopardizing your workforce's productivity if not halted in time.

But what constitutes a bad attitude? Gossiping, stealing credit, misusing privileges, inappropriate behavior, being perpetually late, not following the prescribed dress code, inability to accept responsibility, correction, or suggestions, insubordination, not maintaining decorum, recklessness with company property and facilities, inappropriate communication, selfish approach towards team tasks – these are all examples of negative employee attitude of varying degrees. It may seem absurd, but even some seemingly insignificant toxic acts can build tension between team members destroying their morale, leading to high attrition and loss of good talent, thereby incurring considerable losses. HR service personnel cannot afford to ignore such leaks. That's why we shall address how to bring in that ray of light that can reinforce productivity when faced with such situations. Here are some excellent HR solutions that can turn things around:


1. Define your Work Culture

They say prevention is better than cure, and with good reason! So, begin by chalking out excellent HR policies and hiring right. Your HR service provider must employ personnel that will contribute not only by their talent but also to the personality of the workplace. Some people have a charisma that brightens a room as they enter. Their perspective, approach, and interpersonal skills create a conducive vibe for teamwork, creativity, and productivity. Ensure your HR service team looks for that spark early on while recruiting candidates.

2. Set an Example

Your HR service team may have hired the best talent with the most suitable aptitude and soft skills that can genuinely elevate your work environment. But, business acumen demands constant evaluation and subsequent strategizing. So, one must take a peek within and introspect with an unbiased approach every now and then. As a leader, you and your managing team must lay the foundation stone for your company's work culture. Are you setting a good example for your team? Set the tone right and watch the cascading effects. If you consciously reward positive attitudes and performance, your employees will begin to produce outcomes in sync with your standards and expectations.

3. Emphasize on Teamwork

A competent manager does not fill in for everybody; instead, they empower the team to achieve targets and succeed. When you detect an attitude problem that hampers your team's productivity, you can begin by addressing it as a universal concept without accusing any particular person. Of course, be vocal about the changes you expect, but perhaps it would be polite to address attitude-related challenges as a team. Initially, use pronouns such as 'we' instead of 'you' that convey your expectations and corrections in a nicer way to the whole group.


4. Assign a Mentor

So many variables may interfere with your employees' attitudes and outcomes. Sometimes, a team member may be coping with external stress factors making it tough to switch and adapt to the work environment instantaneously. In such cases, a reliable colleague may be able to help them transition through a difficult phase. Additionally, as per this HR solution, working under close supervision of another staff or leader, preferably one they are comfortable with and trust, allows them to observe, learn, and adapt.

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5. Introduce Changes 

At times, individual employees may be very talented and resourceful, but their team may not be the best fit to draw out or showcase their professional skills. Proficient HR service managers possess the knack to identify appropriate talent to swap positions and assignments accordingly. Perhaps these underperforming teammates may be their productive best in another role or when more suitable teammates are assigned. In fact, their inability to perform well because of unmatched placements may be the root cause of their bad attitude. An HR service personnel or a manager may attempt shuffling them a bit to watch if they are the ones influencing the environment or vice versa.

6. Recommend Corrective Training

When entrusting employees to the supervision of a role model proves insufficient, refreshing their minds with company HR policies and attempting to hone their soft skills may be beneficial. Ensure the progress of participating employees is well-documented during the course of their training. It may allow you to comprehend the crux of the situation and steer the employee towards a more productive path. A slight change in routine and environment may also help rejuvenate them, and they may return all pepped up with charming positivity.

Recommend Corrective Training

7. Re-evaluate

The success of any training program depends on the ability of an employee to translate the skills learned therein into implementable actions. After enrolling your staff into corrective training, you must observe their progress upon completion. The attitude and behavioral problems that provoked remedial training must wear off. Don't wait for appraisal time; review their progress and convey to them if there is scope and need for further improvement. Ensure you document their path and progress.

8. Separation

This must be considered only as a last resort. Employee separation is warranted only in case of severe acts of misconduct such as gross violation of company policies, acts that threaten the safety of co-workers, office premises, or property. Inappropriate behavior that deliberately disregards the company's ethics are examples of unjustifiable attitudes that cannot be taken lightly. However, ensure your HR service provider has exhausted all other approaches to rectify the problem before arriving at this conclusion.

Irrespective of how profound the impact may be, continue to encourage the remainder of your employees while you deal with the specific staff simultaneously. Ensure the team’s morale remains high because motivated employees are far more productive than those who are disinterested. You should aim to contain the negativity as you treat it in a manner that is aligned with your HR policies.

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