Top 7 Reasons why Document Digitization is Important

The average expense associated with a single compromised or misplaced record containing confidential data amounts to $148 - with an increase of 4.8% year-over-year.

Data is invaluable in our rapidly changing world. It's essential to realize that even a small number of physical documents holding crucial information can lead to significant financial losses if lost. Is it worth the risk to rely solely on physical records? Certainly not!

Interested in freeing yourself from the burden of maintaining paper records? Embrace document digitization and scanning services. They can convert your important financial and confidential documents into a secure digital format, ensuring safety and organization while providing instant access for a lifetime. The benefits are numerous, including cost reduction in record management and improved operational efficiency.

Document digitization is the transformative process that takes your physical documents into the digital realm. It's like giving your paperwork a futuristic makeover, unlocking a world of possibilities. No more sifting through paper stacks—now you can effortlessly access your files with just a few clicks. Digitized documents are agile and versatile, easily shared and collaborated on with a simple tap.

Discover the advantages of document digitization for organizations in the session below.

What is document digitization? 

Experience lightning-fast searches and breeze through finding crucial information. Embrace the power of document digitization to revolutionize your workflow, declutter your space, and unleash productivity. Discover seven reasons why document digitization is crucial below.

Top 7 reasons why document digitization is imperative 

  • Reducing the document management cost

    Storing, safeguarding, and maintaining large quantities of physical records will always entail substantial expenses. However, by embracing document digitization services, you can significantly reduce your financial outlay to less than a quarter of what you would typically invest in maintaining physical storage solutions.

  • Compliance with digital communication

    Given the rapid advancements in digital communication technologies, the need for comprehensive digitization has become essential for numerous data-sensitive organizations - particularly those regularly managing significant quantities of records and documents.

  • The Greenitiative

    With the global conversation revolving around climate change and the importance of preserving trees, there is a growing trend among people to embrace a paperless approach. This movement is particularly evident in various fields, including healthcare, education, and banking and finance, where digital recordkeeping and document management have seamlessly integrated into their operational processes.

  • Data security-The need of the hour

    The security of physical records is vulnerable to various risks such as theft, destruction, manipulation, mishandling, and even fire damage. However, by converting your physical documents into a specific digital format, you effectively eliminate these risks and significantly improve the security of your data on a much larger scale.

  • Unlimited backup & disaster recovery

    In contrast to traditional paper storage facilities, digital backups possess remarkable longevity and are impervious to the destruction caused by natural calamities. Consequently, opting for a digital backup storage solution for your sensitive records is widely regarded as a significantly more secure, dependable, and effortlessly accessible choice.

  • Easily accessible data

    Suppose you have an extensive set of paper records and have to search for a specific set of data within that vast storage – this process can be arduous, time-consuming, and financially impractical. However, by embracing data digitization, digital imaging, and digital storage, you can instantly retrieve your records regardless of time or location.

  • Optimize your urban space

    Managing physical records within urban offices can be costly and inefficient. That's why our offsite physical storage services and data digitization facilities offer a smart solution. By storing your records offsite and digitizing them, you can free up valuable urban space while ensuring easy access and organized data management.

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Why Exela HR Solutions? 

Enhance your HR workflows and achieve successful digital transformation by utilizing our advanced HR document and records digitization services. With over 20 years of industry leadership in document scanning and processing, we specialize in crucial aspects such as rapid speed, large-scale capabilities, high capacity, and exceptional resolution. Our extensive expertise in the field, along with our reliable infrastructure and worldwide presence, empowers businesses from various sectors to improve the profitability and turnaround times of their HR operations while minimizing potential risks. Throughout our history, our digitization services have consistently transformed countless HR documents, both small and large, into easily accessible digital records.

  • Industry-leading performance

    Exela HR Solutions' Document Scanning and Digitization solutions use advanced technology and precise performance tools to provide exceptional results. We prioritize quality assurance monitoring, error recovery, and automatic color preservation, ensuring superior outcomes. Our remarkable achievements set us apart in the industry:

    •  Up to 640 PPM/1150 DPM high-speed scanning
    •  1000+ item auto-feed capacity
    •  Optical resolutions up to 600 DPI
    •  Multiple inline recognition technologies
    •  Up to 51 total pockets
  • Custom-configurable

    Our front-line scanning solutions can be tailored entirely to meet your requirements. Furthermore, we collaborate closely with you to enhance your HR ecosystem based on your specific needs, such as speed, capacity, application, and more.

  • Multi-industry, multi-application

    Our offerings are designed to adapt quickly for seamless "scan-to-document" functionality, catering to various HR forms and documents. These include but are not limited to NDAs, policy documents, onboarding forms, staffing plans, employee records, and others.

  •  Dedicated support

    We have independently developed and continue to oversee our own technology. Our dedicated call centers are accessible round the clock, 365 days a year, providing technical assistance and other forms of support. We offer both immediate and pre-scheduled support options.

  • 40+ years of expertise built-in

    Having accumulated over four decades of involvement in the scanning and processing industry, our company provides HR professionals with unparalleled knowledge and proficiency.

  • Automated data extraction

    Our proprietary document digitization systems have the capability to capture a wide range of data types with a strong level of certainty. The extracted data is subsequently processed for automatic indexing and seamlessly transferred into the client's secure content management system, enabling effortless searchability and accessibility.

  • Quality assurance

    Our comprehensive Quality Management System encompasses both quality assurance and quality control. We ensure the preservation of data integrity by conducting regular random samplings, performing evaluations to verify the quality and accuracy of document digitization, validating data, and promptly identifying any anomalies.

  • Data security

    Our offsite data and document processing facilities implement stringent security measures to safeguard physical and digitally scanned records. These measures encompass facility access controls, limitations on source-material handling, and the utilization of network encryption, adhering to industry best practices.

Our data capture solutions employ advanced technologies such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), and Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) based on artificial intelligence. These technologies enable you to accurately interpret and convert various data types, including machine-generated text, handwriting, document forms, and barcodes in PDF 417 and Code 39 formats. The processed data can then be easily organized, searched, presented online, translated, and manipulated without any difficulties. Thanks to this robust technological infrastructure, our clients have successfully transitioned their HR operations from traditional paper-based systems to digital platforms within a short timeframe. Talk to our experts to transform your document-based processes. Get Exela HR Solutions now for all your documentation needs!

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