Collaborate for Success

with Exela's HRBP Services

Facilitate seamless collaboration with Exela's HR Business Partner Services to ensure your employee strategy aligns perfectly with your business strategy.

HRBP aims to be your strategic HR business partner to help improve company culture, empower leaders, attract diverse talent, and deliver value. It aligns HR initiatives with broader business goals, such as grievance management, leave administration, and engagement activities. HRBP fosters transparent communication, enhances the working environment, and boosts employee performance by 22% and profits by 9%.

In essence, HRBP serves as a bridge, connecting the often siloed HR functions with the broader goals of your organization.

HR Business Partner Services


Power through Geographical Barriers

Our global workforce support lets you focus on your overarching business goals, irrespective of geographical constraints.

Strategic HR Administration Partner

Strategic HR Administration Partner:

An experienced ally managing your HR administration, allowing you to focus on core strategies.

Guidance in Digital Transformation

Guidance in Digital Transformation:

Expert assistance in planning your digital journey, ensuring your HR system consistently aligns with employee needs.

Data Quality Management (DQM) Solutions

Data Quality Management (DQM) Solutions:

Enrich your existing data through our meticulous data quality management solutions.

Confidence in Employee Care

Confidence in Employee Care:

Assurance that your employees' needs are met with meticulous care and diligence.


Unified Efforts for a Positive Employee Experience

We unite our forces and expertise to create rewarding, enjoyable, and positive employee experiences.

Intuitive Strategies with Easy Access

Intuitive Strategies with Easy Access:

Accessible help and support through intuitive strategies.

Seamless HR Experience

Seamless HR Experience:

A smooth HR experience instilling assurance, trust, and confidence in employees.

Multilingual Support for Convenience

Multilingual Support for Convenience:

Support offered in local languages for exceptional ease and convenience.

Why Choose Exela's HR Business Partner Services?

Exela's HR Business Partner Services (HRBP) offers a unique blend of expertise and technology to help you align your employee strategy with your business objectives. This alignment enhances your company culture, empowers leaders, and fosters a diverse and motivated workforce. We offer comprehensive services designed to promote effective communication, boost motivation, and create a harmonious workplace.

Our services include:

Travel & Expense Management

Travel & Expense Management

Our web-based tool streamlines travel and expense management, helping you optimize costs and simplify processes.

Rewards & Recognition

Rewards & Recognition

We assist in organizing and managing rewards and recognition programs, both online and onsite, to celebrate employee achievements.

Learning & Development

Learning & Development

Our web-based platform enables the creation of customized training programs, ensuring your employees have the necessary skills for success.


What is the role of an HR Business Partner?

An HR Business Partner is pivotal in connecting human resources with an organization's strategic goals. They collaborate with business managers to integrate HR practices, support decision-making, and resolve business issues through effective people management.

How can HR Business Partners benefit my organization?

HR Business Partners align HR activities with your organizational strategy, ensuring that your human capital contributes to your business's success. They provide insights, recommendations, and support to address people-related challenges and optimize workforce performance.

Can HR Business Partners address specific HR challenges within my industry?

Yes, we are equipped to tackle industry-specific challenges, such as talent acquisition and retention, in alignment with your sector's requirements.

What HRBP services does EHRS offer for recruitment?

EHRS specializes in recruitment services, encompassing contract staffing, permanent hiring, executive search, and tailored recruitment solutions. Leveraging industry expertise and a robust network, we ensure you acquire and retain the right talent across all organizational levels.

How does EHRS enhance the onboarding process?

EHRS streamlines the onboarding process, ensuring new joiners receive the information, tools, and confidence needed for peak performance. Our methodical approach facilitates a smooth transition into your company's culture, fostering quicker integration and engagement.

What industries do Exela's HR Business Partner Services specialize in?

We offer HR Business Partner Services across various industries, including healthcare, IT, automotive, construction, FMCG, and more, tailoring our approach to meet sector-specific demands.