Streamlining and Optimizing All Hiring Activities for a Prominent UK-based Software Company Dominant in the Real Estate Industry


Our client is the UK's fastest-growing student accommodation comparison service that helps students find and book the best student rooms in the UK. Fast growth often means more recruitment activity to hire more professionals to service more clients. After the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown restrictions were lifted recently, the UK witnessed an explosive influx of students from around the globe as well as relocations from within the country. This event put our client in the fast lane in terms of recruitment. Any delay in hiring meant that our client either would not reach and convert more potential leads or would not be able to service existing clients satisfactorily. Our detailed audit of their recruitment process concluded with a set of two main action items that were to be executed by Exela HR Solutions:

  • Optimize all hiring activities quickly and effectively 
  • Gain fast and seamless access to top talent and hiring strategies


With these two clear objectives to accomplish, our dedicated team of experts at Exela HR Solutions started working diligently on the action plan that was proposed. In just six months, we helped them meet their requirements and hired over 50 highly-qualified and experienced professionals across multiple teams within the org like research & development, marketing, advertising, customer service, etc. Our client says the biggest benefit they experienced after partnering with Exela HR Solutions is that it allowed them to free up more time and resources. They used this extra time and resources to focus extensively on scaling the business up, which helped them multiply their revenue very effectively.


  • The client experienced a whopping 49% reduction in time-to-hire. They hired professionals twice as fast after partnering with Exela HR Solutions
  • The client outsourced all their recruitment activity to Exela HR Solutions. This helped them focus more on the revenue-generating arms of their business, helping them grow their business significantly in a short span.
  • The client expressed their relief from overburdening their internal HR team by saying, “It is just easier to manage. And, we get access to good candidates much faster. It’s a clear win-win”
  • The client experienced no need to look into labor law regulations and compliance management related to the new hires. Our team of experts assisting the client left no stone unturned and completed their due diligence with utmost accuracy.
  • The newly streamlined and optimized hiring process helped the client substantially scale up their hiring activities

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